Accounting Policies and Accounting Estimates Proposed amendments to IAS 8



In this Exposure Draft, the IASB proposes to amend IAS 8. With the aim to help entities distinguish accounting policies from accounting estimates. More specifically, the proposed amendments would clarify:

(a) how accounting policies and accounting estimates relate to each other, by:

(i) explaining that accounting estimates are used in applying accounting policies; and

(ii) making the definition of accounting policies clearer and more concise;

(b) that selecting an estimation technique, or valuation technique, used when an item in the financial statements cannot be measured with precision, constitutes making an accounting estimate; and

(c) that, in applying IAS 2 Inventories, selecting the first-in, first-out (FIFO) cost formula or the weighted average cost formula for interchangeable inventories constitutes selecting an accounting policy.

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Accounting Policies and Accounting Estimates Proposed amendments to IAS 8  [PDF]