Accounting Standard (AS) 109 Financial Instruments

Following is the Exposure Draft of the Accounting Standard (AS) 109, Financial Instruments, issued by the Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, for comments. The Board invites comments on any aspect of this Exposure Draft. Comments are most helpful if they indicate the specific paragraph or group of paragraphs to which they relate, contain a clear rationale and, where applicable, provide a suggestion for alternative wording.

How to Comment


Comments can be submitted using one of the following methods so as to receive not later than June 30, 2018:


1. Electronically:

Click on "Submit a comment letter"below (Preferred method)

2. Email:           



Comments can be sent at



3. Postal:           


Secretary, Accounting Standards Board,

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,

ICAI Bhawan, Post Box No. 7100, Indraprastha Marg,

New Delhi – 110 002


Comment letter deadline

The Exposure Draft is open for comment until 30th June, 2018

Due process documents
Accounting Standard (AS) 109 Financial Instruments  [PDF]